Protein Paraj

One of the highest quality providers of food and pharmaceutical products in Asian countries

This collection won the title of the selected exporter of Semnan province and also the candidate of the sample exporter of the year of the country. Paraj Iranian Protein Company, despite the heavy and complex sanctions in the industrial sector against the Islamic Republic of Iran, has always been able to maintain its growth and productivity path over the past years and help foreign exchange to our dear homeland.

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About Protein Paraj

Candidate for exporting the sample of the national year

Today, Iranian Paraj protein brand is one of the highest quality food and medicine products in China, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. With such a view and with the practice and tireless efforts of our colleagues, we were able to overcome the problems and pass the technical tests and trials of the National Veterinary Organization, to set up a livestock and poultry contamination processing plant in the country.


Iranian Parage Protein Company, despite heavy and complex sanctions, has always maintained its growth and productivity.

An example of the export of animal pollutants in the international arena

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Paraj Protein Products

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Paraj Protein Products

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